Eğitim ve Felsefe İlişkisi Üzerine

2021 Turkish Studies-Social Sciences  
Human rights, the individual's contribution to life and changing the world through its illumination are among the essential aims of education. The main factor that brings human together with humanitarian values is to activate the sense of productivity and responsibility of the human being and its environment, which is surrounded by the philosophy of life. Education systems aim to add people and their achievements as the most constructive actors to human life, provided that they move the
more » ... dynamics of people. It is an indispensable phenomenon to pay the essential aims of education, which is a humanitarian activity, attention. In particular, the necessity of our age to discuss and evaluate the human and its environment together makes this requirement even more apparent. İf education is bringing terminal behavior or emerges as a cultural amalgamation activity, if it ensures the social integration of the individual by including them into the group, it is inevitable to adopt the value judgments and the world view of the integrated group. In this sense, education is a process that develops knowledge-based skills and ethical values of individuals. An activity that teaches the individual to watch his environment with a sense of responsibility and awareness and evaluate with his own perception and value knowledge. In other words, it should ensure that it turns to the outside world with its own self and uses its distinctive feature as a human thanks to its special abilities. In the process of education to acquire these skills its philosophy emerges spontaneously as an understanding of education. Today education systems aim to develop individual knowledge and abilities. Considering the robotic studies and extensions of digital transformation processes, which have a significant impact in our digital world, it becomes clearer as a different and new problem, how much individuals should attach importance to ethical values and their development. The building of human-specific skills should be an important part of the achievements of the philosophy of education. The study has been approved according to the criteria of Atatürk University Educational Sciences Ethics Committee in the context of publication conditions (11-04, 21.08.2020).
doi:10.47356/turkishstudies.48176 fatcat:hdr5prlt5zdbhe5pnir54m4oly