A Zone-based Reachability Analysis of Variable Driven Timed Automata

Omer Nguena-Timo, Antoine Rollet
In this paper, we propose an algorithm for efficient reachability analysis of Variable Driven Timed Automata (VDTA). VDTA is a new timed behavioural model for data-flow reactive systems in which inputs and outputs are modelled by variables. Such an approach is commonly used in the industry. Reachability analysis is often the basis of model-checking, test generation (especially Test Purpose approach), or control algorithms. For example, a model-based testing framework with VDTA derives test
more » ... A derives test cases by performing a region-based reachabil-ity analysis. Thus, an efficient analysis is needed. We propose an algorithm based on the zone abstraction. The algorithm not only checks the reachability, but it also computes timed sequences of input updates required to reach a target. In practice, it is more efficient than region based one.