A low-cost system for real time monitoring and assessment of potable water quality at consumer sites

Theofanis P. Lambrou, Christos G. Panayiotou, Christos C. Anastasiou
2012 2012 IEEE Sensors  
This paper presents the design and development of a low cost system for real time monitoring of drinking water quality at consumer sites. The system consists of several in-pipe electrochemical and optical sensors and emphasis is given on low cost, lightweight implementation and reliable long time operation. Such implementation is suitable for large deployments enabling a sensor network approach for providing spatiotemporally rich data to water consumers, water companies and authorities.
more » ... e literature and market research is performed to identify low cost, on-line sensors that can reliably monitor several parameters which can be used to infer the water quality. Based on selected parameters a sensor array is developed along with several microsystems for analog signal conditioning, processing, logging, and remote presentation of data. Finally, an algorithm for fusing on-line multi sensor measurements is developed to assess the water contamination risk.
doi:10.1109/icsens.2012.6411190 fatcat:kuxq54on3vfmhbeqf6eqgqltyi