Morfologia dei fluidi complessi: "Effetti viscoelastici sulla deformazione di gocce di blend polimerici in flusso di shear tra piatti paralleli"

Vincenzo Sibillo
A complete three-dimensional shape of an isolated drop in an immiscible liquid phase undergoing simple shear flow with non Newtonian fluids was investigated by contrast-enhanced optical microscopy. Drop was observed either along the vorticity direction or along the velocity gradient direction of the shear flow. The effects on drop deformation and break up of the viscoelastic content of the liquid phases were investigated. Two situation of a viscoelastic matrix with a Newtonian drop and of
more » ... lastic drop in a Newtonian matrix are considered. When possible my data are compared with theoretical or phenomenological predictions. Finally I investigated also the influence of confinement on the steady state of the drop in a regime where drop diameter is comparable to gap width between the shearing parallel plates.
doi:10.6092/unina/fedoa/668 fatcat:porkkg2iarg73m3dlpyxkvplhq