Autistic culture & the architectural therapy [thesis]

Thomas Nemeskeri
Binary logic can be described as one response to humanity' s search for security from space and time. The primary means of this algorithmic 'solution' is through the reduction of technology (technē) to a 'techno-logic' -a logic of instrumentalized means and ends that transmits through culture in such a way that the indeterminacy of our participatory role in the world becomes encompassed by meta-narratives rather than involvement in the communicative space of culture. As I will reveal, these
more » ... l reveal, these discursively-generated narratives persist through the thoroughly technologically-oriented spectacle that is Autistic Culture. Autistic Culture reveals genetic biases of agency toward auto-poiēsis, facilitated by instrumentalized technology. I will argue that Autistic Culture is a condition which can most effectively be mediated through architecture; through its role of establishing 'spontaneous' heuristic fictions as a basis for revealing moral ontologies.
doi:10.22215/etd/2007-07727 fatcat:zl4hyr5tnzhbrli5nlkjndiaba