Stable Mixed Beverage is Produced from Walnut Milk and Raw Soymilk by Homogenization with Subsequent Heating

Yeming Chen, Yeqing Lu, Aixia Yu, Xiangzhen Kong, Yufei Hua
2014 Food science and technology research  
Walnut milk, which is generally produced in the presence of stabilizers by homogenization, is being increasingly consumed by people in China, due to its good nutritional and functional properties. In this study, the mechanism behind the poor dispersion stability of walnut milk without stabilizer has been clarified as caused by heat-induced large aggregate formation from walnut oil bodies and protein. It was found that addition of raw soymilk into walnut milk could result in the stable mixed
more » ... rage by homogenization with subsequent heating. This was because raw soymilk played roles on decreasing the particle size of walnut oil bodies during the homogenization, and preventing the large aggregate formation from walnut oil bodies and protein during the subsequent heat treatment. Amino acid analysis showed that the stable mixed beverage contained more lysine than the walnut milk. In addition, the stable mixed beverage had higher levels of protein content (about 2%) than the commercial walnut milk (commonly < 1%) in China. Therefore, this study was meaningful for the convenient and value-added utilization of walnut.
doi:10.3136/fstr.20.583 fatcat:6kblkk6lifddnhw7xgm7c5jaxa