Feature Selection with Limited Bit Depth Mutual Information for Embedded Systems

Laura Morán-Fernández, Verónica Bolón-Canedo, Amparo Alonso-Betanzos
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
Data is growing at an unprecedented pace. With the variety, speed and volume of data flowing through networks and databases, newer approaches based on machine learning are required. But what is really big in Big Data? Should it depend on the numerical representation of the machine? Since portable embedded systems have been growing in importance, there is also increased interest in implementing machine learning algorithms with a limited number of bits. Not only learning, also feature selection,
more » ... ost of the times a mandatory preprocessing step in machine learning, is often constrained by the available computational resources. In this work, we consider mutual information—one of the most common measures of dependence used in feature selection algorithms—with reduced precision parameters.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2181187 fatcat:nsuv2xedkjbhlfq37xmbbshbpm