Global Amphibian Extinction Risk Assessment for the Panzootic Chytrid Fungus

Dennis Rödder, Jos Kielgast, Jon Bielby, Sebastian Schmidtlein, Jaime Bosch, Trenton W. Garner, Michael Veith, Susan Walker, Matthew Fisher, Stefan Lötters
2009 Diversity  
Species are being lost at increasing rates due to anthropogenic effects, leading to the recognition that we are witnessing the onset of a sixth mass extinction. Emerging infectious disease has been shown to increase species loss and any attempts to reduce extinction rates need to squarely confront this challenge. Here, we develop a procedure for identifying amphibian species that are most at risk from the effects of chytridiomycosis by OPEN ACCESS Diversity 2009, 1 53 combining spatial analyses
more » ... of key host life-history variables with the pathogen's predicted distribution. We apply our rule set to the known global diversity of amphibians in order to prioritize species that are most at risk of loss from disease emergence. This risk assessment shows where limited conservation funds are best deployed in order to prevent further loss of species by enabling ex situ amphibian salvage operations and focusing any potential disease mitigation projects.
doi:10.3390/d1010052 fatcat:ihrprvko4fawpfb2jtwnr4algq