Resolving Packet Loss in a Computer Centre Applications

M. Rajalakshmi, C. Angel, K. M. Brindha Shree
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The modern data centre consists of tens of thousands of servers to interconnect distributed computations. It is a centralized repository for storage, management and distribution of data and information. Data centre applications have group communication. Multicast routing supports group communication by both saving network traffic and improving application throughput. Receiver driven multicast routing protocol is inefficient for number of links in a formed multicast tree and not support for
more » ... ly connected networks and their routing entries. The results show that there is a severe link waste compared to efficient one. To build efficient multicast tree ESM uses source to receiver expansion approach. It eliminates unnecessary intermediate switches used in receiver driven multicast routing. For scalability ESM uses and combines both in packet bloom filter and in-switch entries to make the transaction between number of multicast groups. During packet forwarding there may be a chance to loss of packets. To reduce the packet loss in a multicast group by combining packet bloom filter and contention window adaptation (CWA). Results can be analysed and executed by Network Simulator.
doi:10.5120/12848-9266 fatcat:sxg2wkc2jnbddikkj4uvktifti