UC Santa Barbara Himalayan Linguistics Title Issues in Bahing orthography development Publication Date Issues in Bahing orthography development Issues in Bahing orthography development

Maureen Lee, Maureen Lee, Cnas Sil
Himalayan Linguistics   unpublished
a b s t r ac t Section 1 of this paper summarizes the community-based process of Bahing orthography development. Section 2 introduces the criteria used by the Bahing community members in deciding how Bahing sounds should be represented in the proposed Bahing orthography with Devanagari used as the script. This is followed by several subsections which present some of the issues involved in decision-making, the decisions made, and the rationale for these decisions for the proposed Bahing
more » ... sed Bahing Devanagari orthography: Section 2.1 mentions the deletion of redundant Nepali Devanagari letters for the Bahing orthography; Section 2.2 discusses the introduction of new letters to represent Bahing sounds that do not exist in Nepali or are not distinctively represented in the Nepali Alphabet; Section 2.3 discusses the omission of certain dialectal Bahing sounds in the proposed Bahing orthography; and Section 2.4 discusses various length related issues. k e y wor d s Kiranti, Bahing language, Bahing orthography, orthography development, community-based orthography development