Generalised primal-dual grids for unstructured co-volume schemes

Darren Engwirda
2018 Journal of Computational Physics  
The generation of high-quality staggered unstructured grids is considered, leading to the development of a new optimisation-based strategy designed to construct weighted 'Regular-Power' tessellations appropriate for co-volume type numerical discretisation techniques. This new framework aims to extend the conventional Delaunay-Voronoi primal-dual structure; seeking to assemble generalised orthogonal tessellations with enhanced geometric quality. The construction of these grids is motivated by
more » ... desire to improve the performance and accuracy of numerical methods based on unstructured co-volume type schemes, including various staggered grid techniques for the simulation of fluid dynamics and hyperbolic transport. In this study, a new hybrid optimisation strategy is proposed; seeking to optimise the geometry, topology and weights associated with general, two-dimensional Regular-Power tessellations using a combination of gradient-ascent and energy-based techniques. The performance of this new method is tested experimentally, with a range of complex, multi-resolution primal-dual grids generated for various coastal and regional ocean modelling applications.
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:svlmeafbmngnzcgibz3cx6vadq