On Solutions of the Initial Value Problem for the Three-Term Fractional Differential Equation with Caputo Derivatives

Stanisław Kukla, Urszula Siedlecka
2020 Symmetry  
In this paper, two forms of an exact solution and an analytical–numerical solution of the three-term fractional differential equation with the Caputo derivatives are presented. The Prabhakar function and an asymptotic expansion are utilized to present the double series solution. Using properties of the Pochhammer symbol, a solution is obtained in the form of an infinite series of generalized hypergeometric functions. As an alternative for the series solutions of the fractional commensurate
more » ... ion, a solution received by an analytical–numerical method based on the Laplace transform technique is proposed. This solution is obtained in the form of a finite sum of the Mittag-Leffler type functions. Numerical examples and a discussion are presented.
doi:10.3390/sym12081355 fatcat:7naawvldqjfi7lgrn5xsudtvmq