Maria KORDAKI, Associate Professor, Dept of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean, Ioannis BERDOUSIS, Dept of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean
2020 Pro Edu International Journal of Educational Sciences  
This study focuses on the development of a framework for the identification of main barriers that discourage women to pursue Computer Science (CS) as their University studies and their careers options. The proposed framework is based on the analysis of secondary data emerged from the research literature. In fact, a large number of papers were qualitatively analyzed and the themes who act as barriers for women participation in the CS scientific field and career were estimated. The analysis of
more » ... data identifies as essential barriers: school, family, computer games, role models, peers and work culture, stereotypes and communication of stereotypes. All these barriers form a model that seemed to shape females' perceptions, attitudes, interest, confidence and career decisions regarding CS education and career choices. Based on the aforementioned barriers, proposals for future research dimensions and suggestions for the treatment of the phenomenon of females' under-representation in CS education is given.
doi:10.26520/peijes.2020.2.2.5-20 fatcat:ax6x5obg5nd35eovvl7yjpxo6q