Formalin Contaminated in Seafood and Frozen Meat at Somdet Market, Kalasin Province

Theeranat Suwanaruang
2018 Journal of Environmental Protection  
Formaldehyde or formalin is highly toxic that is absorbed pleasantly by inhalation. The object of this research was to analyze formalin that contaminated in seafood and frozen meat. The method was to select samples at Kalasin Province. The samples were mackerel, crisp squid, frozen chicken, Saba fish, Shishamo fish, Jelly fish, Cockle, Clams, Squid, shrimp, White shrimp and Dolly fish, respectively. The methods were to analyze formaldehyde with titration and formalin test kit. Titration method
more » ... . Titration method used formic acid by excess of iodine in alkaline solution. Formalin test kit of Ministry of Public Health issued Act No.151 (B.E.2536) was to test formalin contaminated food. The results found formaldehyde in mackerel, crisp squid, frozen chicken, Saba fish, Shishamo fish, jelly fish, cockle, clams, squid, shrimp, white shrimp and dolly fish in three replicated were 288 mg/L, 228 mg/L, 293 mg/L, 77 mg/L, 282 mg/L, 180 mg/L, 120 mg/L, 48 mg/L, 229 mg/L, 294 mg/L, 295 mg/L and 293 mg/L, respectively. Formalin test kit was to found all samples were contaminated with formalin. Moreover, the height formalin contaminated in white shrimp, the second were shrimp and dolly fish, the third was frozen chicken, the fourth was mackerel, the fifth was Shishamo fish, the sixth was squid, the seventh was crisp squid, the eighth was jelly fish, the ninth was cockle, the tenth was Saba fish and the last was clam. The World Health Organization classified formaldehyde was carcinogenic to humans, considerately that there was a decent proof for inflicting cavity cancer in humans.
doi:10.4236/jep.2018.912080 fatcat:jdptamogb5fa7d3rzczq3czoju