Roxana Dumitriu
In this paper we attempted to establish the contributions of brand elements to the brand equity. Building brand equity is realized and is based on a series of visible elements, easy to recognize and to remember by the public. A name, a symbol, a slogan are just a part of the visible elements of the brand meaning. The brand elements are a shortcut of clients' perception regarding the brand utility and brand image, suggesting some benefices of performance and competence. The brand elements that
more » ... analyzed are: the name, the Internet address, the symbol, the slogan and the packaging. We showed that each of these elements play a significant role in brand notoriety. On the other side, the brand equity helps to the awareness of brand elements. The relationship between brand elements and brand equity is of interdependence and reciprocal relationship. JEL classification: M10, M31 Key words: branding; brand strategy; brand equity; brand elements. Brand policy instruments is based on a number of specific issues that we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Brand elements, which are also called identities of the brand, are those that serve to identify and differentiate brands (Keller 2008, p. 140). Branding theory suggests that these elements, if carefully chosen, might lead to the creation of strong, unique, and favourable attitudes. On the other hand the names of people or words without a clear meaning have become strong brands without having to invest much time into selecting them. Even if the brand elements are an important asset of the brand equity, favoring recognition, awareness and image, we appreciate that their choice does not play a decisive role in creating the image of the brand. The category of brand elements include: name, logo, characters, symbols, tagline, and conditioning.