Solitary tracheal B-cell lymphoma in an adult alpaca (Vicugna pacos)

Emma Marchionatti, Elke Van der Vekens, Laureen Michèle Peters, Taina Susanna Kaiponen, Inês Berenguer Veiga, Patrik Zanolari
2020 BMC Veterinary Research  
Background This report describes a case of solitary tracheal lymphoma in a 14-year-old alpaca mare. Case presentation The alpaca was referred for dyspnea and inspiratory noise. The clinical examination included complete blood cell count, blood chemistry, endoscopy, ultrasound, radiographs, and computed tomography (CT). A solitary tracheal intraluminal and juxtatracheal lymphoma was diagnosed by fine needle aspiration (FNA). The owner requested euthanasia due to the uncertain prognosis. At
more » ... prognosis. At postmortem examination, the presence of solitary lymphoma without involvement of other organs was confirmed. Immunohistochemical analysis confirmed a B-cell origin. Conclusions Although multicentric lymphoma is the most commonly described neoplasia affecting South American camelids (SAC), solitary forms of the disease may occur.
doi:10.1186/s12917-020-02640-9 pmid:33167982 fatcat:mwmbty2g2vewtptgwi5oxtwyfe