Feasibility study of a superconducting motor for electrical helicopter propulsion

C A B A E Simons, C Sanabria-Walter, H Polinder
2014 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
During the past decades, superconducting electrical machines have become more suitable to replace conventional iron based designs, because of their lower weight and higher torque density. These properties make them good candidates for use in More Electric Aircraft (MEA). Especially helicopter propulsion systems could benefit from the increased performance. This paper describes the feasibility study of a superconducting motor to be used for helicopter propulsion as part of a More Electric
more » ... ore Electric Aircraft (MEA). For this, the armature, field windings and cryostat are designed, aiming at meeting the difficult specifications. Since superconductors have virtually no electrical resistance when cooled down below a certain critical temperature, they can be used to build high field and low weight coils for electrical machines. Especially the possibility to not use iron can make the superconducting motor lighter with a higher power density compared with conventional Permanent Magnet (PM) motors.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/507/3/032038 fatcat:65bi4ybx3fgopmx6pgw7et7lla