International Journal of Education & the Arts The Destinee Project: Shaping Meaning through Narratives

Margaret Latta, Christine Thompson, Michelle Thorne
Citation: Thorne, M. M. (2012). The Destinee project: Shaping meaning through narratives. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 13(3). Retrieved [date] from Abstract Using narrative method in the form of journaling has the power to shape identity and relationships between teachers and students. This article reflects on such journaling and the process of writing poetry to create a space of understanding between two very different people who found themselves
more » ... found themselves in the relationship of teacher and student. "The Destinee Project" is a collection of poetry based on my journaling and narrative inquiry as I seek to deal with the experience of transition of my school and the struggles of my students. In the past ten years, our school has transitioned from an affluent homogenous group to an extremely diverse urban Title I school. My interaction with Destinee and my reflection on our experience together has helped shape my approach to students and parents. I hope to inspire others to engage in journaling and experience the efficacy of writing about classroom experiences. IJEA Vol. 13 No. 3- 2 We all tell our stories to give meaning to who we are, to where we belong, and to where we anticipate going (Hankins, 2003, p.138).