Rishabh Srivastava, Satyam Gupt, Shyam Chaudhary
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The coin-based mobile charger designed in this paper is providing a unique service to the rural public area. Where grid power is not available for partial/full daytime so we use coin based mobile charger using radio frequency identification and a source of revenue is provided. The coin-based mobile battery charger can be quickly and easily installed outside any business purpose. The mobile phone market is a vast industry, and has spread into rural areas, public places and railways etc. as a
more » ... lways etc. as a essential means of communication. While the urban people use more complex mobiles with good power batteries lasting for several days, the rural people buy the mobile phones that require charging instantly. So many times battery becomes dead in the middle of conversation particularly at inconvenient times when access to a standard charger is not possible, so we use this coin-based mobile battery chargers are made to solve this huge problem. The user has to plug the mobile phone into one of the adapters and insert a coin or RFID reader then phone will then be given a power for charging. The capacity of mobile charging is developed with the help of fixed values. It is, of course, possible to continue charging the mobile by inserting more coins or RFID reader.