Expression of Protein Kinase C Isoform mRNAs in the Developing Rat Heart

Sae Keun Park, Hyung Suk Kim, Chang Sung Son, Young Chang Tockgo, Young Hyuk Jeon
1998 Korean Circulation Journal  
and Objectives Protein kinase C PKC is known to be rrelated withdevelopment of various cells. In the heart, each isoform reacts differentially against agonists and the reaction changes during development. In this study, the roles of PKC isoforms , , , , , were investigated through the localization of mRNA expression in the developing rat heart with in situ hybridization histochemistry. Materials and Method The mRNA expression pattern of PKC isoforms , , , , , was investigated with in situ
more » ... with in situ hybridization histochemistry in developing and adult rat hearts. Whole body parasagittal sections were used for embryonal day 14 E14 , E16, E18 and heart sections were used for just born P0 , postnatal day 7 P7 , P14, P21 and adult rat. Results The expression of PKC was found from E14, peaked at P7, and gradually decreased to adult level. The expression of PKC was observed from P14, peaked at P21, and decreased to adult level. The expression of PKC in the heart was observed from E14, peaked at P0, and abruptly disappeared at P14. The expression of PKC was observed from E14, peaked at P0, after that gradually decreased and disappeared at adult rat heart. The expression of PKC and was not found from any stage of developing rat heart. Conclusion From these results, it is suspected that each PKC isoform may be differentially related with development of heart. The strong expression of PKC , , around perinatal period, rapidly developing stage, suggests that PKC , , may be related with rapid development of rat heart. And the late postnatal expression of PKC suggests that PKC may be related with maturation of rat heart. Korean Circulation J 1998 ; 28 8 : 1341-1349 KEY WORDS Protein kinase C·Heart·Development·in situ·hybridization. 서 론 12) Wetsel WC, Khan WA, Merchenbthaler I, Rivera H, Halpern AE, Phung HM, et al. Tissue and cellular distribution of the extended family of protein kinase C isoenzymes J Cell Biol 1992 117 121-33. 13) Bogoyevitch MA, Paker PJ, Sugden PH. Characterization of protein kinase C isotype expression in adult rat heart. Circ Res 1993 72 757-67. 14) Rybin VO, Steinberg SF. Protein kinase C isoform expression and regulation in the developing rat heart. Circ Res 1994 74 299-309.
doi:10.4070/kcj.1998.28.8.1341 fatcat:3cu2hevdzzb6rdu5suqhopqvea