Improved method for phase wraps reduction in profilometry

Du Guangliang, Wang Minmin, Zhou Canlin, Si Shuchun, Li Hui, Lei Zhenkun, Li Yanjie
In order to completely eliminate, or greatly reduce the number of phase wraps in 2D wrapped phase map, Gdeisat and co-workers proposed an algorithm, which uses shifting the spectrum towards the origin. But the spectrum can be shifted only by an integer number, meaning that the phase wraps reduction is often not optimal. In addition, Gdeisat's method will take much time to make the Fourier transform, inverse Fourier transform, select and shift the spectral components. In view of the above
more » ... s, we proposed an improved method for phase wraps elimination or reduction. First, the wrapped phase map is padded with zeros, the carrier frequency of the projected fringe is determined by high resolution, which can be used as the moving distance of the spectrum. And then realize frequency shift in spatial domain. So it not only can enable the spectrum to be shifted by a rational number when the carrier frequency is not an integer number, but also reduce the execution time. Finally, the experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method is feasible.
doi:10.5277/oa170212 fatcat:b3t764j3mnc2lcpocxxjybr7wq