Interwell Field Test to Determine in-situ CO2 Trapping in a Deep Saline Aquifer: Modelling Study of the Effects of Test Design and Geological Parameters

Fritjof Fagerlund, Auli Niemi, Jacob Bensabat, Vladimir Shtivelman
2013 Energy Procedia  
An interwell field test to determine residual phase and dissolution trapping of CO 2 is being designed at Heletz, Israel. Effects of test-design options and geological parameters were investigated using numerical modelling. It was found that the interwell distance has large influence on the feasibility of the test both in terms of creation of a zone of residually trapped CO 2 and detection of the time when such zone has been created. The optimal distance is sitespecific and depends on formation
more » ... epends on formation properties. Alternating CO 2 and brine injections slightly increased residual trapping, but did not facilitate creation of a well-defined zone of trapping.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2013.08.064 fatcat:7crzs25tbfdhrdwnbhvdlcqcpu