Towards Efficient Implementation of an Octree for a Large 3D Point Cloud

Soohee Han
2018 Sensors  
The present study introduces an efficient algorithm to construct a file-based octree for a large 3D point cloud. However, the algorithm was very slow compared with a memory-based approach, and got even worse when using a 3D point cloud scanned in longish objects like tunnels and corridors. The defects were addressed by implementing a semi-isometric octree group. The approach implements several semi-isometric octrees in a group, which tightly covers the 3D point cloud, though each octree along
more » ... th its leaf node still maintains an isometric shape. The proposed approach was tested using three 3D point clouds captured in a long tunnel and a short tunnel by a terrestrial laser scanner, and in an urban area by an airborne laser scanner. The experimental results showed that the performance of the semi-isometric approach was not worse than a memory-based approach, and quite a lot better than a file-based one. Thus, it was proven that the proposed semi-isometric approach achieves a good balance between query performance and memory efficiency. In conclusion, if given enough main memory and using a moderately sized 3D point cloud, a memory-based approach is preferable. When the 3D point cloud is larger than the main memory, a file-based approach seems to be the inevitable choice, however, the semi-isometric approach is the better option.
doi:10.3390/s18124398 fatcat:v7nztapuwzhhpkgjkavbcwbt4u