6.Armigeres mosquitoes collected in Lao PDR

Takako Toma, Takao Okazawa, Ichiro Miyagi, Ataru Tsuzuki, Susumu Saita, Jun Kobayashi, Keomanila Hongkham, Phompida Samlane
2003 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
coUected eggs . This area has rich mosq 蝋 oes and plenty environmentS for their breed血 g sitcs , which are vary among villages . The typical tropical ra 洫 y season 洫 this area 重 s suitable condition fbr/ln() pheles and ん血 π 50 η ' α , as well as fbr AetZes , but 皿 o Ae . aegypti was fω nd . 駒 . unij わ厂〃 1is probably is the main vector fbr filariasis , whereas 加 .加 'う ご 厂05 ρゴ ∫ may serve as vector for both malaria and filariasis in 重 his area . High acldity Gf ground waIer appcared to prevent
more » ... pcared to prevent AnOpheies fb∫ breed 血 such arca .
doi:10.7601/mez.54.220_2 fatcat:5fawjorux5guba2sc3gziq5azu