Application of Iterative Fourier Method in Cylindrical Phaseless Antenna Measurement Technique

J. Puskely
2012 Radioengineering  
The Fourier iterative algorithm (FIA) is a well-known planar phase retrieval method. The algorithm uses conventional amplitude measurements on two surfaces placed in different distances from the measured antenna. In this paper FIA will be applied in cylindrical geometry. In this case near-field transformations use high order Hankel functions which are known to become singular in case of measurements close to AUT. In this paper we will analyze properties of Hankel function used for forward and
more » ... ckward transformation in FIA to make recommendations for cylindrical near-field measurement setup. We supplement FIA representing local approach with global optimization to make cylindrical phase retrieval method more robust. The proposed technique is applied for radiation pattern reconstructions of a dish antenna and a horn antenna.
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