Economic and environmentaldiplomacy: strategic contextof development

2022 Foreign trade economics finance law  
Introduction. An important issue is to ensure the intensification of international economic rela­tions in the context of globalization and the strength­hening of environmental determinants. The use of mechanisms, models and tools of economic and envi­ronmental diplomacy will improve the competitive position and image of countries. Problem. It is necessary to develop the potential of economic and environmental diplomacy as integrators of politics, economics and ecology, initiators of the
more » ... ing of platforms for consolidation of countries in solving global problems. The aim of the article is to define the features of economic and environmental diplomacy in the context of strategic directions of development in the context of globalization and increasing inter­na­tional competition. Methods. The methodological basis of the study are general and special methods, comprehen­sive analysis. Results. The article considers topical issues of modern development of economic and environmental diplomacy, directions of policy changes in international economic relations, image formation and competitive positions. The development of the country's national economic potential on the world stage depends on new forms of diplomacy, mechanisms to protect the economic and environ­mental interests of countries, development of inter­national dialogue, trade negotiations, business coope­ration and intensi­fication of business initiatives. Conclusions. The development of economic and environmental diplomacy of Ukraine is a prog­ressive type of activity aimed at representing and protecting the national interests of the country and assisting exporters in world markets.
doi:10.31617/zt.knute.2022(121)01 fatcat:qtra6pj4tvh6zb5gczyubw6kq4