A Microlens Super-Surface Film with Regular Graded Circular Hole-Like Subwavelength Structures for Highly Focusing Strength

Wu, Zhang, Li, Zhang, Yang, Fu
2019 Coatings  
Using the fact that a sub-wavelength structure exhibits the same thermal expansion coefficient as a micro-lens array, we design a micro-lens super-surface film with regular circular hole-like subwavelength structures to realize the high performances of central highly focusing strength and short focal length. In addition, based on the Fresnel—Kirchhoff diffraction theory, the influences of subwavelength structural period and height on the focusing performance of a micro-lens are analyzed.
more » ... re analyzed. Furthermore, the finite-difference time-domain method is utilized to optimize the structural parameters. Via direct laser writing and an inductively coupled plasma process, we fabricated a square micro-lens array consisting of a 1000 × 1000 micro-lens unit with a sub-wavelength structure, and the optical focusing performance was measured in the visible light band. Finally, the experimental results indicate that the focal length is decreased to 15 μm, the focal spot central energy is increased by 7.3%, and the light transmission, enhanced via inserting sub-wavelength structures, corresponds to 3%. This proves that the designed micro-lens array with a regular-graded circular hole-like subwavelength structure can achieve central high focusing and a short focal length. This has applications in several fields of wavefront detection and light field imaging systems.
doi:10.3390/coatings9120776 fatcat:hpmmgfzgzfexniu2ll2tktxftm