Genetic and Physiological Analysis of Mitomycin C- Sensitive Mutants of Escherichia coli K12

Nozomu Otsuji, Tomoyasu Higashi, Junichi Kawamata
Bii<EN IOCRNAL \!o1. 15.49-59, 1972 uMMARV A, Jutants of fi$chei'ichi'" coll' which \\, ere nlit onlycin C (;\, ITC) sensitive and ultraviolet light (UV) insensitive \\, ere divided into two Tou s. One Tou un^ .. nt", had by , gun" (",/" 4) I, .at. d .to^, to th. I", gun. (Otanii, 1968), and th. other by a gene oiltcB) located at about 58 min on f. coli chromosome. Nlutation of 1111cH as \\, GII as jiltcB has a pieiotropic effect; the mutants are sensitive to A1TC, basic dyes, sodium
more » ... ate and sodium deoxyc1, o10te. The 7111crl mutants and \\, lid tvpe bacteria are sensitive to colicin El, E2 E3 and 1<, while the JiltcB mutants arc resistant to coliciiT F1, and sensitive to E2, E3 and 1<. The increased SUITSitivit}, to basic cl}, e of the ITTutants is due to increased incorporatioi\ of the dye into thc cell. "C-Pi'o11nc Liptakc b}, Inembrane preparations of \\, 11d t , e bacteria \^as Inhibitcd at a 10\\'CT conccntratioit of coliciii El thai} uptake by those of 711tcB mutants. Froin tlIC I'CSults \\. c concluded that the 1111cB mutants ITavc an altered cell SUI'face \\. hiclT I'cndci's the cells scnsitivc 11f A1TC and insensitive to colicin El. Gel, ctic anti 13hysiological analyses of the 1111cB mutants suggested that the nilcB gen. may be identical to th, I"IC gen. d. *c"Ib. d by \\'hitney (1971) and by De Z**'aig and Lu"Ia (1967).
doi:10.18910/82719 fatcat:p7p7mndtk5elbifnqetqbbjb6i