Public-Private Partnerships In Education [entry]

Encyclopedia of Education Economics & Finance   unpublished
The research reported in this work provides one of the first empirical examinations of politically successful Public/Private Partnership In Education. As such, this research builds a theoretical model of political success and then empirically tests it against data from a national survey. In building and testing this model, this work employs a mixed research program of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. In-depth telephone interviews with select stakeholders from two case study cities
more » ... ld the context of the work and lead to the development and clarification of the relevant research concepts. These qualitative data are supported with quantitative data collected via a mail survey from a national sample of stakeholders participating in Public/Private Partnerships In Education. These survey data are subjected to a Structural Equation Model (SEM) path analysis based on multivariate regression techniques. The findings support many of the hypothesized pathways and demonstrate the importance of goal formation, goal attainment, and leadership to the success of partnerships in education. As one of the first empirical models of partnership success coming from the policy sciences, this work contributes to the literature by combining the elements of theoretical abstraction with empirical rigor. This research concludes with implications drawn from the findings and then makes some recommendations for future work.
doi:10.4135/9781483346595.n219 fatcat:6pm7wq5cpfbdzgcbsmtvltcqu4