New Apparatus for Measuring the Vaporizing Heat of Liquids

1878 Scientific American  
MARCH 23, 1878.] J citutific �tutrinlu. an improvement on the ordinary form of Squib used in blast ing, and consists in an interior explosive alarm device, which indicates that the squib is doing its work, and thus gives warning that the charge is about to explode. Mr. James Forsyth, of New York city, has made some im provements in Roller Skates, by which the latter may be guided forward, backward, or diagonally in any direction by tipping the foot, without rocking or oscillating. well known
more » ... ting. well known millwright, who states that the lubricator ren ders leather belts soft and pliable and causes them to carry unusual loads without slipping. The writer of this opinion has had large experience, and those of our readers who are troubled with ,slipping belts may find it to their interest to adopt the same means, which he states he has always used " with complete success . " dicated; the specific heat being known by other trials, the heat of vaporization is readily deduced. Thus, for exam ple, M. Berthelot finds for the total heat ceded by the vapor of water (weight equaling S'24 grammes, 6'S6 grammes, and 7 'O S grammes) between 0° and 100° C. (320 and 2120 Fah.) the numbers 635'2,637'2, and 636'2; average, 636'2. Regnault obtains 636'6 . The inventor has used tbis apparatus for measuring the heat of vaporization of anhydrous and mono hydrated acetic acids, monohydrated nitric acid, of chloral and its hydrate, and other substances.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03231878-185a fatcat:ppg2mqu655bh5gdda73iusqwmi