Strain-induced large spin splitting and persistent spin helix at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface

Naoya Yamaguchi, Fumiyuki Ishii
We investigated the effect of the tensile strain on the spin splitting at the n-type interface in LaAlO 3 /SrTiO 3 in terms of the spin-orbit coupling coefficient α and spin texture in the momentum space using first-principles density functional calculations. We found that the α could be controlled by the tensile strain and be enhanced up to 5 times for the tensile strain of 7%, and the effect of the tensile strain leads to a persistent spin helix, which has a long spin lifetime. The strain
more » ... ct on LaAlO 3 /SrTiO 3 is important for various applications such as spin field-effect transistor and spin-to-charge conversion.
doi:10.24517/00062822 fatcat:t3dmldvqu5an5d4gftt7jfglyu