Experimental Evidence for an Interface Delocalization Transition in $\mathrm{Cu_3Au}$

H. Dosch, L. Mailänder, A. Lied, J. Peisl, F. Grey, R. L. Johnson, S. Krummacher
The Cu$_3$Au(100) surface has been studied close to the bulk order-disorder transition temperature T$_0$ by x-ray diffraction under total external reflection. The order-parameter profile which has been probed in various depths is analyzed in terms of a surface-induced disorder transition. It is demonstrated that the temperature dependence of the superlattice intensity is consistent with the assumption of a disordered surface layer which exists between the ordered bulk and the vacuum at
more » ... res below T0 and grows logarithmically as T$_0$ is approached.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2017-04044 fatcat:5bwj4wvrwfgxnio5joywssuw7e