Deep Reinforcement and InfoMax Learning [article]

Bogdan Mazoure, Remi Tachet des Combes, Thang Doan, Philip Bachman, R Devon Hjelm
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We begin with the hypothesis that a model-free agent whose representations are predictive of properties of future states (beyond expected rewards) will be more capable of solving and adapting to new RL problems. To test that hypothesis, we introduce an objective based on Deep InfoMax (DIM) which trains the agent to predict the future by maximizing the mutual information between its internal representation of successive timesteps. We test our approach in several synthetic settings, where it
more » ... ssfully learns representations that are predictive of the future. Finally, we augment C51, a strong RL baseline, with our temporal DIM objective and demonstrate improved performance on a continual learning task and on the recently introduced Procgen environment.
arXiv:2006.07217v3 fatcat:fxpjpgrsvrgc7fshqzdxwhnacq