Query-Free News Search

Monika Henzinger, Bay-Wei Chang, Brian Milch, Sergey Brin
2005 World wide web (Bussum)  
Many daily activities present information in the form of a stream of text, and often people can benefit from additional information on the topic discussed. TV broadcast news can be treated as one such stream of text; in this paper we discuss finding news articles on the web that are relevant to news currently being broadcast. We evaluated a variety of algorithms for this problem, looking at the impact of inverse document frequency, stemming, compounds, history, and query length on the relevance
more » ... and coverage of news articles returned in real time during a broadcast. We also evaluated several postprocessing techniques for improving the precision, including reranking using additional terms, reranking by document similarity, and filtering on document similarity. For the best algorithm, 84-91% of the articles found were relevant, with at least 64% of the articles being on the exact topic of the broadcast. In addition, a relevant article was found for at least 70% of the topics.
doi:10.1007/s11280-004-4870-6 fatcat:j2eha27de5gyrblpbzkt2vevka