Effect of Microstructure on the High Deformation Stability of Incoloy 825 Alloy
Incoloy 825 합금의 고온 변형 안정성에 미치는 미세조직의 영향

Chang-Yong Kang, Seong-Hwi Kim, Young-Tae Park
2017 Journal of the Korea Society For Power System Engineering  
This study was carried out to investigate the effect of precipitate on the high temperature deformation stability of incoloy 825 alloy. Cr 23 C 6 carbide was precipitated under 950℃, but was not detected over 1,000℃. Most of the precipitation consist of Cr 23 C 6 carbide. Strain-rate sensitivity was the highest in 0.01/s and the lowest in 10/s. Strain-rate sensitivity was decreased sharply below 950℃. In the temperature between 850℃~1,150℃, plastic instable area did not exist. It showed the
more » ... st Ziegler Parameter value of 0.06 Ziegler Parameter was the lowest as 0.06 at 850℃ with 10s-1 of strain. The highest Ziegler Parameter value(0.43) was found in plastic deformation at 1,050℃ with 0.01s-1 of strain. It tends to have an higher resistance to the high temperature deformation under 950℃, due to the precipitation.
doi:10.9726/kspse.2017.21.2.020 fatcat:qszejmvedbcnxiohkeqposzr2i