Glitch Serendipity: Alternative Information Seeking that Leads to Discovery

Aaron Juarez
2022 Creativity and Cognition  
When scientists and artists engage in exploratory research, they can reach new insight through unexpected information encounters. As both glitch and serendipity share the connection of discovery through the unexpected, I encourage pushing the limitations of interfaces, structures, and systems to bring about novelty. This experimental practice-based research engages with a new framework of alternative information seeking that opens up potential to discovery, known as glitch serendipity. I share
more » ... he current status of my research along with a concrete example of how digital experiments led to a serendipitous demonstration of nonlinearity in image expression. Future work considers a holistic cognitive framework of surprise mediated by the values of unpredictability, unexpectedness, and unfamiliarity. CCS CONCEPTS • Human-centered computing → Human computer interaction (HCI); Interaction design.
doi:10.1145/3527927.3533729 fatcat:uzi6b2s7o5gh3f4fqmnepjtwzq