Postearthquake repair of precast concrete column-to-footing plastic hinges

Dylan Neil Brown
The following faculty members served as the supervisory committee chair and members for the thesis of__________________________ Dylan Neil Brown_____________________ . Dates at right indicate the members' approval of the thesis. ABSTRACT Bridge design is moving towards performance-based design in which acceptable levels of damage following an earthquake are prescribed, allowing the possibility to repair and not replace bridges. A repair technique for precast reinforced concrete bridge
more » ... te bridge column-to-footing assemblies constructed with Grouted Splice Sleeve (GSS) connections has been developed. The repair is implemented and verified through laboratory testing and Strut-and-Tie Models (STM).
doi:10.26053/0h-7jfp-8e00 fatcat:n3bdfupewnb3fhnq3guspxmfma