Red light emission by photoluminescence and electroluminescence from Pr-doped GaN on Si substrates

R. Birkhahn, M. Garter, A. J. Steckl
1999 Applied Physics Letters  
Visible light emission has been obtained at room temperature by photoluminescence ͑PL͒ and electroluminescence ͑EL͒ from Pr-doped GaN thin films grown on Si͑111͒. The GaN was grown by molecular beam epitaxy using solid sources ͑for Ga and Pr͒ and a plasma gas source for N 2 . Photoexcitation with a He-Cd laser results in strong red emission at 648 and 650 nm, corresponding to the transition between 3 P 0 and 3 F 2 states in Pr 3ϩ . The full width at half maximum ͑FWHM͒ of the PL lines is ϳ1.2
more » ... , which corresponds to ϳ3.6 meV. Emission is also measured at near-infrared wavelengths, corresponding to lower energy transitions. Ar laser pumping at 488 nm also resulted in red emission, but with much lower intensity. Indium-tin-oxide Schottky contacts were used to demonstrate visible red EL from the GaN:Pr. The FWHM of the EL emission line is ϳ7 nm.
doi:10.1063/1.123787 fatcat:3prl4v7wofepvhbtahvv5vup7u