The Comparison of "Love Psychology" between the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate

Jun LU
2017 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
The love problems have permeated into study and scientific life of the undergraduate and the postgraduate, about the loss of feeling and the search of love, which is one of the main problems in students' confusion. The writer has expanded the content based on previous investigations, realizing that with the development of the difference among knowledge, ideology, self-cultivation, and ability, which leads many changes in positive and negative ways in "love view" between the undergraduate and
more » ... postgraduate. There are some perplexities that should be noticed in "love psychology". Hence, the education of "love psychology" to be developed and the mental activities of students to be leaded correctly, guiding the "campus relationship" to a healthy development. Introduction Love is about the theme of art; relationship is about the expression of love, so is the prelude of marriage. The love problems have permeated into study and scientific life of the university students, the "campus relationship" has become a realistic problem. Due to the difference among age, knowledge level and life experience in the undergraduate and the postgraduate, so there are loads of difference reflecting into the love progress. As for "love psychology", we used random samples in Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Xi Dian University, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, North West Agriculture and Forestry University, Yang Ling Vocational & Technical College. 1700 questionnaires were given out, 1565 of questionnaires are retrieved and 1523 of them are valid, the valid rate is 89.6%. By the analysis of those real evidences, using the expertise of Psychology, we investigated and studied the psychology of the undergraduate and the postgraduate, and we also put forward the correct guiding-methods by schools of college students love psychology. The Comparison and Investigation of "Love View" between the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate. The Examination of Questionnaires Reliability and Validity. Selecting randomly 148 freshmen from the same university, questionnaires are used to the research. And we also select 68 students of them, randomly, and retest them every half month, the reliability application of the questionnaire is tested with the quality reliability and resurvey reliability; content validity, structure validity, discrimination validity are tested in 1216 undergraduates who are from different grades by sampling method with application analysis, main factors analysis, and variance analysis. In the questionnaire, the Cronbach's α coefficient is over 0.62, the retest coefficient is over 0.8. The correlation coefficient of every item and field aggregate points are both greater than 0.59; factors analysis accords to the logical relation, 11 common factors accumulative contribution rate is 52.950%;the sensitivity of the questionnaire is about good, with the difference of gender and major in respondent, KAP difference exists with statistical significance in love psychology, there is a positive correlation between K and A, there is also a positive correlation between K and P, so is A and P(P<0.05).The questionnaire has
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/seme2016/5432 fatcat:ycr43hcnnbh2hfcu5wdpglbuhi