Ana Maria Guerrero Orozco
2016 LOGOS  
The scientific interest in studying the origin of write is not a new issue, ancient scholars like Herodotus, Platon, Homero, Diodorus, Plinio the Senior and Tacitus (Senner, 2001: 11-23) have referred the issue and it was not until the Renaissance in the sixteenth century began the process of scaffolding with methodological proposals that will give the bases to consolidate a true science of writing in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Paleography and epigraphy are new disciplines and with
more » ... history, linguistics, philology, anthropology, archeology, literature, art history, among others, promoted studies and research on the evolution of the scriptures in the world.PALABRAS CLAVE: ESCRITURA, TEORÍA DE LA ESCRITURA, PALEOGRAFÍA Y EPIGRAFÍA.
doi:10.21503/log.v6i1.1319 fatcat:2vhqdvamcfekbfwtxbwbi5eqne