Experimental Characterization Of Pull-In Parameters For An Electrostatically Actuated Cantilever

A. Sorrentino, G. Bianchi, D. Castagnetti, E. Radi
<span title="">2020</span> <i title="Elsevier BV"> <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="https://fatcat.wiki/container/of245xxbzzhovbslfj7wsebhma" style="color: black;">Applications in Engineering Science</a> </i> &nbsp;
MEMS-NEMS applications extensively use micro-nano cantilever structures as actuation system, thanks to their intrinsically simple end efficient configuration. Under the action of an electrostatic actuation voltage the cantilever deflects, until it reaches the maximum value of the electrostatic actuation voltage, namely the pull-in voltage. This limits its operating point and is a critical issue for the switching of the actuator. The present work aims to experimentally measure the variation of
more &raquo; ... e pull-in voltage and the tip deflection for different geometrical parameters of an electrostatically actuated cantilever. First, by relying on a nonlinear differential model from the literature, we designed and built a macro-scale cantilever switch, which can be simply adapted to different configurations. Second, we experimentally investigated the effect of the free length of the suspended electrode, and of the gap from the ground, on the pull-in response. The experimental results always showed a close agreement with the analytical predictions, with a maximum relative error lower that 10% for the pull-in voltage, and a relative difference lower than 18% for the pull-in deflection.
<span class="external-identifiers"> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener noreferrer" href="https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apples.2020.100014">doi:10.1016/j.apples.2020.100014</a> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="https://fatcat.wiki/release/xtdavozi6jf77bzpxvsotlbpee">fatcat:xtdavozi6jf77bzpxvsotlbpee</a> </span>
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