Conditions and factors of efficient integration of AIC of Belarus into the global food trading system

A. V. Pilipuk
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Agrarian Series  
On the background of intensive development of world trade in agricultural products and foodstuffs,Belarusis increasingly entering the system of international division of labor, occupying a fairly significant place in the world ranking of the leading countries. In turn, it stimulates the domestic agricultural industry to develop in the dynamic rhythm of the world market and constantly adapt to evolution of the international trading system. Participation of the republic in regional integration
more » ... munities, such as the Eurasian Economic Union and theUnionStateofBelarusandRussia, is one of the areas for achieving sustainable development of AIC. In this regard, the issues of studying the conditions and factors of efficient integration of AIC into the global food trade system acquire particular relevance. The paper highlights the major conditions for functioning of the global food system over the shorter and longer term. It has been substantiated that sustainability of integration ofBelarusinto the global food market was determined by the following factors: stability of international competitiveness of Belarusian foodstuff, export specialization in products of animal origin, significant part of trade with theRussian Federation, favorable conditions for development of agricultural business, etc. Advantages of large-scale production and the role of large integrated agricultural holdings in formation of Belarusian transnational corporations of agrarian profile have been reflected, the main forms of efficient interaction in AIC have been considered.
doi:10.29235/1817-7204-2020-58-4-415-431 fatcat:w37xspjsjnbm3aeeygacevmhwi