XXXIV.—The magnetic rotation and refractive power of ethylene oxide

W. H. Perkin
1893 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
ALREADY several kinds of oxides of the saturated series have been examined in reference to their magnetic rotation, uamely, ethyl a n d isoamyl ethers, acetic and propionic acids, and pyro tartaric anhydride. The results these have given, when compared with those obtained from their hydroxylic representatives, are fairly comparable, as will be * Dobbie and Lauder, Trans., 1892,244 and 605. t Freund and Josephy, Ber., 25, 2412. THE COMPOSITION OF COMMERCIAL ACONITINE. 491 fore, in this respect,
more » ... orrespond to glycol and ethylene oxide (Trans., 1888, 53, 597) ; but from the boiling poiuts of these unsaturated compounds and other properties (Trans., 1888, 5 3, 710), they appear to possess peculiarities of their own which are not clear at present, and render them unsuitable for comparison with saturated compounds.
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