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Pankaj Singhal
2018 unpublished
Malnutrition is the most widespread condition affecting the health of children. Scarcity of suitable foods, lack of purchasing power of the family as well as traditional belief and taboos about what the baby should eat, often leads to insufficient balanced diet, resulting in malnutrition. Nutritional status of children is an indicator of nutritional profile of the entire community. Studies conducted worldwide shows that 150 million (26.6%) are underweight, while 182 million (32.5%) are stunted
more » ... ll over the world. More than half of the worlds under nourished people live in India. 1 This study was conducted to determine nutritional status of under-fives children in selected village of urban Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Where a descriptive survey study was conducted in this research. The main purpose of research was to identify nutritional status of under-fives children. The result of the study revealed that the majority of the children under five year of age were normal. The data collection was achieved by taking height and weight of children. It found that among the children of under-fives, 73.15% children were normal, 19.47% had 1 0 malnutrition, 6.04% had 2 0 malnutrition, 0.67% Children had 3 0 malnutrition & 0.67% had 4 0 malnutrition. The variable of this study were socio demographic factors include sex, age, birth order, type of family, actual weight and actual weight.