Effect of Milk Productive Seasons on Prolactin Hormone, Milk Composition and Metabolites in the Blood of Local Cows

Talib A. H. Al. Rubaei, Hadeel A. Ebid, Bassim K. Ebrahim
2019 Journal of University of Babylon  
productive seasons on Prolactin hormone , milk composition and metabolites in the blood of local cows. The study included 24 dairy cows during the second, third and fourth milk seasons . The results showed that the milk season was a significant effect (p<0.05) on the concentration of the prolactin hormone, fat , lactose and non- fat solids (SNF) of milk . There was non significant effect of the milk season in metabolic concentrations (glucose, total cholesterol and total protein). The results
more » ... ein). The results of the study showed a positive correlation between prolactin hormone, lactose and SNF and a significant positive correlation (p<0.01) between prolactin hormone and fat and SNF of milk and high correlation (p<0.01) between the milk season and prolactin and significant correlation (p<0.05) between prolactin hormone and total cholesterol. We conclude from this study that the milk season has an effect on milk hormone and a link between milk hormone, milk components and metabolic substances in the blood.
doi:10.29196/jubpas.v27i1.2107 fatcat:nhssanb52fdnjmzqm7b7xjehty