A Trial for Determination of Drug-metabolizing Activities in Patients with Concurrent Administration of Various Drugs

1979 Japanese Journal of Clinical Chemistry  
In order to obtain the information of individual differences in drug-metabolism , oxidation and conjugation of aminopyrine in normal volunteers and patients were studied in our preceding paper,). This paper describes studies on metabolisms of sulpyrine, isoniazid, barbital and acetaminophen. In the group of low acetylation of aminopyrine, concentrations of acetylated metaboltes of sulpyrine and isoniazid in urine were similarly low, and other conjugated metabolites, glucuronides and sulphates,
more » ... ere excreted in normal ranges. In normal volunteers, concurrent administration of sulpyrine, isoniazid, barbital and acetaminophen, 100mg respectively, had no effect on metabolism of each other. In patients , acetylation and other conjugations were depressed. The depression was more marked in patients administered these 4 drugs with therapeutic drugs than in patients without therapeutic drugs for 24 hours. The depression was accompanied with increased excretion of the metabolites before conjugation. Metabolism and excretion of drugs were affected by concurrent administration of many drugs and medication for a long time. These results must be considered in efficacy and toxicity of therapeutic drugs to patients. The gas chromatographic methods modified by us allowed determination of each metabolite of the above 4 drugs administered concurrently, and it is applicable to a test for the drug-metabolism of patients.
doi:10.14921/jscc1971b.8.3-4_320 fatcat:ses22om6qjgefgdtwi5fadgh7q