Issues Relating to the Hi-Tech Industry in the Eurasian Economic Union

A I Mozgovoy, A N Krylov, V V Lobachev, G P Kuzina
2020 Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)   unpublished
The research of the hi-tech industry development is one of the tools necessary to solve the priority strategic task of a scientific and technological breakthrough that is determined by the challenges of the sixth technology revolution which is characterised by the convergence of bio-, nano-and cogno-technologies. It is essential to attain the international level to effectively achieve this ambitious goal and develop the hi-tech industry, this is why the Eurasian economic union in partnership
more » ... n in partnership with other stakeholders can become an integration platform to address these challenges. This research is based on the convergence (integration) of bio-and nano-technologies that form a promising hi-tech bionano-industry. The paper addresses its main characteristics and issues associated with its development; the industry's current state and future trends of the development of the market and industries where such technologies are used are analysed; essential methodologies that need to be improved as well as the solutions to the identified problems are developed. Creation of innovative international bionano-clusters with foresight centers to support convergence of technologies, foresight research, bionano-technology foresight projects is a methodological solution to organizational problems of the bionano-industry. To establish the aforementioned clusters it is essential to further study the ways to improve the cluster policy with a view to develop hi-tech complexes; scientific justification of the organizational model of innovative international bionanotechnological clusters; the development of their engineering infrastructure, including the establishment of engineering centers there to provide various engineering services to small and medium innovative businesses participating in the cluster; joint research and development; acceleration of technology introduction into mass production; capacity development.
doi:10.2991/aebmr.k.200312.216 fatcat:i7axjtqpanbo3b3jsigzhwgnji