Art. III.—Notes on Indian Agriculture, as practised in the Western or Bombay Provinces of India

Alexander Gibson
1846 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
I do not offer these notes for perusal in the idea that they communicate any thing very new, neither do I suppose that from their contents can be elicited any thing likely to be of solid benefit to the more enlightened agriculturist of Great Britain; as little do I fancy that they can possess even a tithe of the interest which must attach to a detailed description of the careful cultivation practised by the industrious Chinese husbandman. Still, I deem it possible, that they may in some points
more » ... ot be destitute of interest:1st. As showing that the agriculture of India is not altogether of so rude or slovenly a character as it is often supposed to be.2nd. That many of the means and instruments used, albeit simple, are yet well adapted to attain the end in view.
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