Sustainable Rent-Based Closed-Loop Supply Chain for Fashion Products

Zhi-Hua Hu, Qing Li, Xian-Juan Chen, Yan-Feng Wang
2014 Sustainability  
The textile and clothing industry generates much pollution and consumes a large amount of resources. Improper uses and disposal of clothing products make the problems much more severe. Fast fashion products shorten the valid lifecycle and generate more waste than regular clothing products. Considering the features of fashion products, a system of a rent-based closed-loop supply chain is developed to improve the sustainability of fashion products. The supply chain processes (fashion design and
more » ... nufacturing, laundry, logistics and disposal), the operations management issues (inventory management, closed-loop logistics, human-clothing matching, booking system and the rental pricing) and the sustainability promotion aspects (customization, responsive system, culture and policy aspects) are investigated by devising sustainable strategies. The rationalities of the developed system and strategies are reviewed and elucidated in detail. The results may contribute to building sustainable closed-loop fashion supply chains, the related information systems and operational and managerial mechanisms.
doi:10.3390/su6107063 fatcat:4xvoltwzzjdn3o36qx6m5en4hi