Recovery and Reuse of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Phenol as Carrier

P. Jahfar Ali, S. Elumalai, M. Sathya, G. Muthuraman
2018 Asian Journal of Chemistry  
Textile industries consume a large quantity of water and generate highly dye contaminated effluents. Textile wastewaters have to be treated or recycled before being discharged. Present work gives a light of extraction, recovery and reuse of methylene blue (MB) a cationic dye; one of the most commonly used substance for dyeing cotton, wood, silk etc., using liquid-liquid extraction method. Even though methylene blue is not only strongly hazardous, it shows some health problems like increased
more » ... like increased heart rate on acute exposure, shock, vomiting, Heinz body formation, etc. Extraction of methylene blue was carried out using phenol and xylene as carrier and diluent respectively in this work. It was found that extraction increased by increasing the pH of the feed solution and concentration of the carrier. The extracted dye was stripped using acetic acid and found stripping efficiency, increased with increase of acid concentration. More than 99 % dye was extracted with 0.9 mol of phenol and extracted dye was stripped 99 % with 8 N acetic acid. Factors like initial dye concentration, temperature, contact time, the effect of pH, aqueous to organic phase ratio, various stripping agents and different diluents were investigated. Stripped dye and used carrier were reused. FT-IR technique was used to check the reusability of stripped dye.
doi:10.14233/ajchem.2019.21619 fatcat:ebf7gbn35jfxtdyrohp3vpxcoe